Children’s Sermon Object Lesson (Matthew 11:2-11) Proof and Promises

Children’s Message on Jesus and John the Baptist Main Objective: How do we know that something is true? How can we be certain of our faith or verify things we hear? In the world of scientific predictions or human promises, we want to see evidence that things come true. If we look at our faith, … Read more

Crafts: Jesus is Anointed Bible Craft Activities for Sunday School

Children’s Ministry Craft ideas from Mark 14:1–9; Luke 7:36–50; John 12:1–8; Matthew 26:6-13 Most Valuable Things…Give Them to Christ! Craft Ideas for the Anointing of Jesus. Our “Jesus is Anointed” Bible Craft Activities for Sunday School are the perfect way to teach your little ones about this important event in Jesus’ life! With easy-to-follow instructions and … Read more