How the Everyday Heroes Curriculum Teaches Kids the Value of Work

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for children to overlook the value of work. They often see superheroes in movies and comic books as the epitome of valor and service, but what about the everyday heroes in our communities? These are the individuals who dedicate their lives to serving their communities, often without the recognition … Read more

Introducing Sunday School Plus: A Game-Changer for Small Churches

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new project, Sunday School Plus, a platform designed with the heart and soul of small churches in mind. Over the past 15 years, since the inception of our ministry to children, we have been continuously innovating to find the most effective and easy-to-teach lesson formats. Our … Read more

Black Friday Curriculum Bundle for Children’s Ministry

Sunday School Store is proud to offer a Black Friday Curriculum Bundle for Children’s Ministry. This once in a lifetime offer includes $3,897 worth of Children’s Ministry Curriculum and Resources for only $97. This deal goes LIVE at NOON on Friday, November 4th and is only being offered ONE TIME. So don’t wait! Plus, the … Read more

Parables of Jesus: Sunday School Curriculum

Do you want to engage your kids in Bible learning in a fun and delicious way? Then check out our Parables of Jesus curriculum! This 10-lesson course uses recipes to explore the powerful truths that Jesus Christ taught through His parables. Each lesson comes with hands-on activities, yummy treats, and age-appropriate lessons that will get … Read more

Review🔥 Sunday School Planet Digital Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Sunday School Planet is a new curriculum for children’s ministry. We are excited to share it with you. Churches can subscribe to an annual subscription and get digital access for object lesson videos, onscreen games, and Bible teaching material. This blog post is the first impression. To learn more and to download free samples, visit their … Read more

We 💖 Sunday School Planet!

We’re excited to share about a new curriculum option for children’s ministry called Sunday School Planet. For an annual subscription, churches will get digital access to object lesson videos, on-screen games, kids worship music, and Bible teaching material. This blog post is our first impression, be sure to visit the official Sunday School Planet website … Read more

Covid-Safe Easter Egg Hunt: It’s Easter Egg-stravaganza from Go Curriculum

Last year, our friends at Go Curriculum created an easy-to-use family Easter Egg hunt. It was a wonderful way to help churches continue their ministry during the pandemic. It was a wild success and hundreds of congregations and thousands of families enjoyed the program. This year it’s back and freshly updated to help you share … Read more