Doubting Thomas Sunday School Craft Activities

Fear Not … Peace Out: Sunday School Crafts on Jesus Appearance to His Disciples and Doubting Thomas in John 20:19-31. Craft Ideas for Trusting in Christ’s Promises We celebrate the hope and joy of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, but the story doesn’t end with the empty tomb, and neither does our peace! Jesus … Read more

John 20:19-31 Children’s Sermon Lesson: Jesus Appears to Doubting Thomas

Trade Fear for God’s Peace: Children’s Sermon Lesson on Jesus Appearance to His Disciples and Doubting Thomas in John 20:19-31. Lesson Objective: This message illustrates for children the comforting hope that Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit and promises to stay with us always. He wants to take away our worries and fears and … Read more

Sunday School Lesson on Doubting Thomas (John 20:19-31) Blessed to Believe

Children are often trusting, but they sometimes have difficulty understanding what it means to believe things without seeing them. They don’t have a solid handle on abstract concepts and need to see and experience to fully comprehend. It’s important for faith teachers to communicate to kids that God is very real and loves us, even … Read more

Doubting Thomas Bible Craft Ideas

Thomas is notorious for insisting that he see Jesus before believing he truly rose from the grave. He got his wish and was permitted to thrust his hands in the wounds of Christ…however, Jesus promised that those who have not seen and still believe are considered “blessed.” These crafts celebrate the fact that we “walk … Read more